The first thought that crosses your mind when you look at Mahesh's Jewellery is the raw, brut and rough on the edges facet. This characteristic that embodies his elusive yet intense jewellery has a lot to do with the circumstances he has faced since he was a little boy and to the man he is now.

Born is Gujarat and orphaned at the age of 7, he worked small jobs since the age of 15. He continued his education on his own. He is, in the true sense, a self-made man. After having led a life that never gave him a choice, he made his first when he decided to change his profession to go after his passion.

In 2011, he did a jewellery designing course. However, traditional designs that the course dealt with did not appeal much to him. So on the side; he started designing his own jewellery. For a month, he sat with a Carigar in his small workshop to get a hands-on experience on fabricating jewellery. As soon as he got his Diploma, he started creating his own jewellery.

His first exhibition, in May 2012, was an enormous success. He hasn't looked back since then. And for good reason.

That's Mahesh's jewellery. He loves working with metal. Metal being solid but, at the same time, easy to manipulate, gives him the liberty to mold his jewellery. He works essentially with brass, copper and silver but shows an inclination to copper since it is supple, very practical and easy to manipulate. A few of his pieces are made of more than one metal.

As for his inspiration, Mahesh doesn't ask for a lot. It comes naturally to him. His wife and his daughter for start. He loves creating jewellery for them. That's where it all begins and takes a larger dimension.

All his creations come from life. From what encircles us. More than once, it is something negligible that could evade us but catches Mahesh's eyes. A small detail is all it takes and his jewellery forms around it.

The tools he uses are specific and he loves talking about how he uses them and what they are used for. He seems to forget that he is timid by nature when he talks about his jewellery and how he makes it.

His jewellery is not only unique but it has a heart; A lovely, warm, inspired heart.